“ Natural World Of L'AQOUS... ”

A world where our products are created using only the finest chosen plants…welcome to our natural and beautiful world...



I use L'AQOUS because;

By using these miracles of nature in their purest state we can create happiness, live naturally, let nature live. That’s why we can wholeheartedly recommend L'AQOUS products and welcome you to take a step forward and live naturally.

  • Anti Aging
  • Soothes Skin
  • Moisturises Skin
  • Reduces Ance Production
  • Prevents Blackheads
  • Prevents Wrinkles
  • Prevents Age Spots
  • Aids Skin Cell Reproduction

Magical Beauty

Why you’ll love L'AQOUS?;

L'AQOUS products are produced with natural plant juices, extracts, vitamins and essential oils sourced worldwide. Our beauty potions are produced by using the finest chosen plants which are then traditionally hand picked and bottled without harmful chemicals.

Organically produced raw materials !
The secret to our L'AQOUS products is that we only use organically produced raw materials.

Why Rosa Damascena !
Nature really does have a solution for everything. Rose are the secrets of nature for perfect beauty.

Additive free essential oils !
Dozens of kilograms of plants produce just a few grams of essential oils. L'AQOUS uses these oils in their purest state, as women worldwide have done for centuries to protect youth and beauty.


Extraordinary Rose Water


L'AQOUS Rose Water is produced from roses of the Isparta, Turkey with a 100% purity, has a unique smell, grand quality and synergy of organic roses. Only the handpicked best Rosa Damascena is distilled with natural and pure mountain water using traditional methods in the copper alembics. The acquired natural rose water is bottled without extracting its rich valued oil. L'AQOUS Rose Water purifies your skin from pollutants and traces of makeup and also helps to tighten pores. Soothes and moisturizes your skin deeply. Nourish with its vitamins and minerals, and provides a healthier looking skin.



After completing the skin cleansing, toning is a necessary step for tightening skin and shrink pores. In order to keep our skin clean and smooth, and healthy glow for a long time, we must apply toning after the purifying and cleaning step. It is very important to apply toning with natural products. Because we do not want to fill our cleaned pores with chemicals that may be harmful in the long term use. The lavender and rose waters are prepared especially for this purpose and the best products for this step. We recommend using cotton to do toning process efficiently. Dampen a cotton wool pad with some L'AQOUS Rose Water and apply your skin. Thus, your skin will be purified from residues, pores will be tightened and a protective barrier will be formed on your skin. L'AQOUS waters have also moisturizing feature. Not limited to the face, you can also use on the neck and chest.

About us

You need to know about L'AQOUS


Research and Development;

Expert staff at L'AQOUS produce according to all rules and regulations of GMP and ISO 9001:2008.

Management terms and conditions are imposed through from the organizational structure, customer service levels, internal audits, product design until purchasing and finally retail. The primary research of L'AQOUS is of nature’s natural gifts to us. With our innovative structure, in an always increasing sector of cosmetics, our brand always emphasis the importance of people and nature in our research and development. The microbiological, instrumental, chemical and physical laboratories studies, raw material and final products are all analyzed by our especially trained staff.


Vision & Mission

Vision; We’re happy, because we know that only happy people can produce happy products… Thanks to our previous experience and our passion for nature, we strive to work with the world’s finest natural raw materials suppliers, who use only organic agricultural methods from nature’s wonderful gardens. After harvesting, we assure the freshness of the precious few products we provide.

Mission; We are so pleased that you are the main reason for so much of our pleasure… Our brand will represent our nation worldwide. To ensure we have and will produce such products which please many people. To improve the value of our brand, without decreasing its quality. We will always value our customers and never forget nature or our own values.


Quality Control at L'AQOUS

Our production systems are all verified and hold the TSE EN ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate. We aim to please the national and international customers from the cosmetic sector, to exceed all expectations and keep customer satisfaction at it’s best. We constantly find new ways to improve our quality control systems. During research and development we give our staff the necessary training therefore we reach the freshest products to our increasing amount of customers. We are a brand who respect nature, who are always expanding and are a first in many areas of the cosmetic sector. When applying our understanding and requirements of quality, we follow your expectations from us.

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